About us

We are an independent, privately owned real estate development and investment company. We were founded in the Netherlands in 1988 and since then have expanded internationally with offices in Germany, France and Italy. We have a strong backbone in commercial real estate with a proven track record in the field of high quality project development and value-adding asset management. Our current portfolio stands at over € 800 million.

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At Delta, real estate development is not just about producing more, it is about making more of what we create and making more of what already exists whilst maintaining a good balance between function and profitability. Our commitment is to create sustainable buildings of quality that will retain their value indefinitely whether a new development, a redevelopment or an upgrade of an existing object. By our focus on projects that improve and give positive spin off to their surroundings we give something back to our society and environment while remaining a successful, viable and visionary company.

Core values

Our core values form our working foundations. We always act conform our core values.

Passion; From our hearts to our heads…feeling, pride and perseverance.
Hands on mentality; From our heads to our hands.. .speed, focus and experience.
Partnership; Hand in hand… sharing, longevity, knowledge, communication and added value.
Reliability; Open hands… open eyes.. sincerity, promise, honesty, insight and experience.
Creativity; Creative minds, innovative minds….new approaches, ambitious and open minded.
Environment;Total ..efficiency, protection and reduction.


What is happening in commercial real estate is a big change, what was once a growth market is swiftly becoming a replacement market. This replacement cycle is made up of 3 categories; new, existing and obsolete real estate.

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Delta is led by its Director/owner Coert Zachariasse. Each country has its own director and local management team. Within the company there is a separate asset management division. Via means of a regular international meeting strategy we are able to structure our business and meet our challenges from a European perspective while at the same time manage our cross border growth ambitions.


Our compact organisation of highly skilled and experienced professionals is complemented by a network of excellent long-term and reliable partners giving flexibility and strong added value. At Delta, we know that good partnerships and good collaboration come from transparency and sharing information. Clear, open communication that involves and engages people which in turn leads to motivation and impetus. From this open and frank approach as well as our drive to improve and innovate, stems our competitive edge.

Asset Management

In our field of asset management we successfully revive existing buildings and make them viable once again. We focus on our core competence of commercial and financial management by managing objects and funds whilst outsourcing technical management and leasing administration. We actively contact and maintain direct communication with tenants enabling us to anticipate and meet their needs. This effective approach gives added value to the portfolio and has a positive effect on the efficiency of the funds we manage which to date stands at  4 funds with a total leasable floor surface area of approximately 60.000 m2 office and retail.

Working at Delta

Our compact organization is characterized by its transparency, non-hierarchical attitude and agility whereby work is carried out in small project teams. These attributes are combined to successfully complete a project in which open communication with the client is at the forefront. The commercial manager works in close conjunction with the concept and development managers with support from the financial and marketing departments. All our employees are motivated to reach the same goals and provide the best service for our customers and partners.