Karavelle Quartier

In Rostock, at the Holzhalbinsel, a prestigious project of mixed property development is realised. It  consists of 5.000 m2 office space, plus parking facilities with up to 400 parking places,130 senior citizen purpose-built apartments and 4.500 m2 of retail development. Also 38 high quality apartments with a surface area of between 60 and 180 m2. Another 1.600 m2 is designated for further retail development and restaurants. The project’s architects are Nattler Architecten based in Essen. This new development within walking distance of the characteristic ancient inner-city and at Rostock’s waterfront mixes work, accommodation, shops and leisure to create a vibrant dynamic environment for all. Long-term lease contracts are signed with for example Lidl, Edeka, Rossmann, the RENAFAN Group and a pharmaceutical company.

Location: Rostock, Holzhalbinsel
Function: Retail
Investment value: € 40 miljoen
Area: 40.000 m2
Realisation: Q2 2012