Parkcafe GROEN

Parkcafé GROEN, the biological pavilion at Park 20|20 has been developed to play a central role at Beukenhorst, namely as a meeting place for all those working in and around Park 20|20. The building is extremely sustainable with its green roof, its use of a variety of certified Cradle to Cradle materials, a black water recycling installation, optimal use of natural light as well as a connection to the helophyte system for grey water treatment etc. The restaurant has an excellent menu with nearly all ingredients being derived from their own greenhouse and chicken coop also located on site. Tasty, healthy and sustainable.

Location: Hoofddorp - Park 20|20
Function: Restaurant
Investment value: € 1 miljoen
Area: 300 m2
Realisation: Q2 2012
Partners: VolkerWessels, Reggeborgh Groep