In our view, real estate development is not just about producing more, it is about making more of what we create and making more of what already exists whilst maintaining a good balance between function and profitability. Our commitment is to create sustainable buildings of quality that will retain their value indefinitely whether a new development, a redevelopment or an upgrade of an existing object. Our commitment is key, it goes beyond a mission statement, it is how our company functions. By our commitment to creating more of what we make, we effect a constant process of improvement. Our projects set positive examples by the buildings we create. Buildings like trees, that sequester carbon, that breathe oxygen, purify their water, create their own energy, that are healthy, productive and delightful to enter and to see. Buildings that also represent positive business cases for their users, investors and  stakeholders. By pushing the boundaries of technique, finance and process, by innovating and inspiring we aim to achieve our ambitions. These ambitions call for honesty and humility, to acknowledge the need to learn, to partner and to share with others that have the same drive and ambition. It also challenges us to be creative and innovative, most importantly it inspires us and makes our work both more enjoyable and more profitable.

Cradle to Cradle

In our commitment to a sustainable future, to true corporate and social responsibility we have been successful in our endeavour to attract the full support and backing of two of the biggest names in sustainable philosophy. William McDonough and Michael Braungart, are the co-creators of the Cradle to Cradle philosophy which is outlined in their co-authored publication ‘Cradle to Cradle remaking the way we think’. William McDonough’s company WM + Partners are the architects for Park 20|20 and both McDonough and Braungart, himself a renowned scientist, are working with Delta on an active and advisory level in the development of the further implementation of their philosophy within our own projects as well as on a much broader scale, within the construction industry as a whole.
In Braungart’s own words; ‘Delta is our most important partner regarding real estate development in the Netherlands’.


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Download brochure: Toward a Cradle to Cradle Park 20|20

Dutch Green Building Council

Delta is founding partner and participant of the Dutch Green Building Council; this organisation is an independent non-profit organisation that aims for continued sustainability of the built environment in the Netherlands. They develop labels for an independent assessment of buildings (new build as well as existing) and areas in the field of sustainability. Since September 2009 the first of these labels, BREEAM-NL Nieuwbouw, is operational. Delta uses this method in the assessment of their projects.